KidsFest Singapore offers all young people of Singapore the opportunity of seeing a professional theatre performance live on stage. We have a dedicated team of drama specialists who work closely with all our teachers to provide a valuable and enjoyable experience for all.

We fully appreciate that organising school excursions can be time consuming and challenging, that is why we have developed a special all inclusive ‘teacher package’ that provides your school and staff support all the way through the process from the initial enquiry to post show. If you require assistance in preparing letters for the parents, arranging transport or having enough manpower on the day itself we can help.

In addition, once you have confirmed your booking, we would be happy to support this booking by tailoring the experience for your pupils with our Educational Development Team. We can provide

  • story-telling session at your school
  • educational work packs for extended learning in your classroom
  • practical drama workshops with a qualified professional leader.
  • All included in the ticket price at no extra cost.

We are also able to look into any new ideas or different requests that you may have that are within our capacity.

Benefits of theatre visits for students:

  • Field trips to live theatre shows enhance literary knowledge, tolerance and empathy among students.
  • Researchers have found that the impact on students of viewing high-quality theatre productions leads to enhanced knowledge of the plot, greater tolerance and improved ability to read the emotions of others.
  • Theatre trips produce significant benefits for students on a variety of educational outcomes that schools and communities care about. Seeing plays is an effective way to teach academic content; increases student tolerance by providing exposure to a broader, more diverse world; and improves the ability of students to recognize what other people are thinking or feeling.
  • Through puppetry, acting or physical theatre we can expose our students to tales of other cultures, historical events and traditions.
  • Theatre can help teach students to appreciate and respect another’s personality, experiences and talents, and create spaces for community dialogue to introduce our young citizens to many points of view.
  • Watching theatre or participating in drama is an excellent means of creating empathy and facilitating an understanding of others’ feelings.
  • While watching theatre we can be transported into the hearts, minds, bodies and stories of others in a way that can transcend race, class, gender and age. In this way, deeper levels of communication and understanding can be reached.
  • Performance arts, through the development of the imagination, promote creative thinking, a life skill that is beneficial in all spheres of our lives. Children who are able to think creatively will often become the entrepreneurs of the future and leaders in industry – as they have the ability to invent solutions and create something where yesterday there was nothing.
  • Neuroscientists have established that for the brain to work efficiently, both hemispheres must be activated. Therefore it is important to stimulate, develop and exercise the right brain (the creative and visual centre) as well as the left brain (where verbal, analytical and logical functions are located) in all children. By ensuring we provide a comprehensive education, we are in fact working more effectively to achieve optimum performance of the brain.
  • Theatre exposure is also an excellent way to increase vocabulary, improve communication and listening skills, assist in memory, self-discipline and concentration, and develop interpretation skills outside of the classroom. One of the best things is that with live performances these educational benefits are all developed in an interesting, entertaining and fun environment, which doesn’t feel like learning at all!

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